My interest in health began 23 years ago when my Mama and I choose to become Vegan. She studied at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and would teach me what she learned. Over the years I enjoyed many courses, seminars, and expos around the world on health.


4 Ingredients That Help Regulate Blood Sugar & Increase Energy

Need help regulating blood sugars in a simple way?

I have a FREE guide containing 4 simple ingredients you can easily add to your meals that can help you regulate blood sugar so that you can have more energy throughout your day. All of them are easy to find at any grocery store and extremely affordable. These ingredients are also energizing and healing for the body plus the are 100% diabetic-friendly. All the ingredients:


  • Cost less than $2 at the grocery each
  • Are natural and easy to find
  • Have multiple energy-boosting benefits
  • Can add more flavor to your foods


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“Dr. Nicola’s recipes and nutrition tips for diabetics are amazing! I always limited my son’s diet and he wasn’t too happy about it but after finding all these great tips he’s not only eating more but also he’s happy about what he eats”

-Samantha Michaels – First-time mom

In this free guide specially made for diabetics, you’ll find 4 blood-regulating ingredients that also are:

Increase Your Energy

Easy To Find At the Store

Simple To Mix With Your Meals

In this free guide specially made for diabetics, you’ll find 4 blood-regulating ingredients that also are:

Energy Boosters

Easy To Find At The Store

Simple To Mix With Your Meals

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Hi, I’m Dr. Nicola Siso, a Harvard University graduate, Holistic Nutrition Ph.D. holder from The University of Natural Health, and Type 1 diabetic.


I help pre-diabetics prevent diabetes, Type 2’s reverse it, and Type 1’s manage it.


I do this through my entertaining, educational, and easy to apply online nutrition program called How To Feed A Diabetic. I also offer one on one coaching, with personalized meal plans and help staying on track.


Without the proper knowledge on how to feed yourself or your diabetic child, you will experience the common symptoms of exhaustion, insatiable food cravings, weight gain, moodiness, and irritability. Diabetes can be extremely destructive to your quality of life but it doesnt have to be!


When you learn what to remove from your diet you will notice significant shifts in your and your family’s energy levels and mood. And you will save them from the long-term health risks of their blood sugars being dangerously high.


You absolutely can turn things around for yourself and your family. I look forward to helping you or your child get back to healthy!


Lots of love,

Dr. Nicola

These delicious recipes that can help ANY type of diabetic are just one click away…