My interest in health began 23 years ago when my Mama and I choose to become Vegan. She studied at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and would teach me what she learned. Over the years I enjoyed many courses, seminars, and expos around the world on health.

Diabetic Must Avoid Processed Foods

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Diabetic Must Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods cause major inflammation in your system, which leads to arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes to name just a few. Processed foods and meats are loaded with preservative specifically designed to extend the shelf life by preventing bacterial growth. The most concerning of all preservatives are nitrites and nitrates, which have the ability to transform into cancer causing carcinogens once mixed with your stomach’s gastric acid. Preservatives have also been linked to weakened heart tissues, respiratory conditions such as asthma.

A lot of new research is coming out on preservatives causing behavioral changes, such as hyperactivity, in young children. How many of you know of some hyperactive kids out there? Adult bodies have been numbed to the stimulants but give a kid too much sugar and you see the effects immediately. Their adrenal glands haven’t been worn out like ours. A perfect example of this is drinking alcohol. The more you consume the more you need to feel an effect. That’s actually your body protecting you. It intentionally numbs the response or you would die from such levels of toxicity. Please watch what you are feeding your kids!

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