My interest in health began 23 years ago when my Mama and I choose to become Vegan. She studied at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and would teach me what she learned. Over the years I enjoyed many courses, seminars, and expos around the world on health.

Alkaline Diets and Disease Prevention

Alkaline Diets and Disease Prevention

Another important concept to understand is how minerals get metabolized in your system. A food is either acid forming or alkaline forming based on which minerals it breaks down to within your body. We want to consume a diet that is predominantly alkaline forming in order to keep our cells functioning properly. The reason is acidic diets require the body to pull alkaline minerals from the bones and tissues to neutralize the acid. Losing these minerals depletes the cells’ ability to function leaving you prone to brittle bones and sports injuries.

Alkaline Diet and disease prevention

Notice these minerals on the top line. Those are the alkaline minerals. So even if you have an acid fruit like lemon, it actually metabolizes into alkaline minerals. That’s why freshly squeezed lemon juice in some warm water is a great way to start your day. It cleanses your system and gives you a nice alkalinizing start.

Do your best to get these foods into your diet daily and your body will respond with granting you a long healthy life!


Wishing you the best of health,
Dr. Nicola

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