My interest in health began 23 years ago when my Mama and I choose to become Vegan. She studied at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and would teach me what she learned. Over the years I enjoyed many courses, seminars, and expos around the world on health.

Tip #3 How to Get Kids Loving Healthy Food

Tip #3 How to Get Kids Loving Healthy Food

Tip #3: Do NOT keep any unhealthy food in the house


I can’t stress this one enough. Maintaining the will power to chose wisely is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by having easy access to a pantry full of junk. If it’s not in the house, it’s much easier to release the cravings.


Kids are bombarded all day by unhealthy advertisements and junk food at school. Make your home a healthy food only environment. Replace all the chips, cookies and sodas with fun fruits like grapes, strawberries or blueberries. Or you can make crudité out of carrots and red peppers. The trick is cutting it all up. Putting fruit on the counter doesn’t always mean they’ll get eaten. However, if you slice some peaches and lay them out, kids will surely snack on them.


Make sure you are buying local, organic, and seasonal produce. This makes a huge difference in vitamin and mineral quantities and ensures limited pesticides. The difference in price is well worth the health benefits!

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